Who we are

Since 1990 we have been working on the development of the most advanced techniques for protecting the active principles from the surrounding environment

We are passionate zootechnicians and do our best to improve technical and economic results for breeders

In full respect for the environment and observance of the regulations in force


Alimentary effectiveness and zootechnical yield are the key criteria to optimize the performances of each and any farm

We therefore aim at:

  • helping breeders in realizing their technical and economic development
  • transferring technology and know-how to the animal feeding industry
  • continuously improving the techniques to protect the active principles and maintain their functions unaltered
  • increasing the value added to the most sensitive active principles
  • guaranteeing the development of modern zootechny in an economically  sustainable manner.



SINTAL original production process


In Isola Vicentina
the FOURTH generation of SINTAL installation
because we love perfection
because we do not put any restriction onto the development

FOUR generations of SINTAL installations guarantee a technologically innovative production process

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On-line il nuovo sito SINTAL

E' finalmente on-line il nuovo sito con nuovi contenuti e nuovi prodotti

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