The effective protection

The rumen-protected products are manufactured with technology through the inclusion of saturated fatty acids long chain which provide:

Stability of rumen-protection in the industry:
the nutrients are immersed in the lipid matrix (not simply covered with a thin film, the partial merger, deformation and failure of the matrix
NOT undermine the protective effect

Stability of rumen-protection in storage:
- The small percentage of moisture
- The high degree of saturation
- The minimum solubility
Ensure stability and the product

Stability of rumen-protection during chewing, even in case of breakage and deformation of the matrix could be only minimally affected

Ruminal resistance to degradation:
fatty acids are not digestible by the microflora ruminal not suffer because of the attack lipase present in the rumen, so you can reach excellent levels of bypass.

in the intestinal lipid matrix is fully digest, the nutrient is treated normally. The digestibility of nutrients is so total.